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Seamless Merino Wool Collection 

ZIP USA team is excited to introduce our new knitted seamless merino wool collection. POORGA knitted sweaters and dresses are one of the main parts of the ZIP USA collection. We offer quality, design and comfort together with competitive market prices to make your life a little more enjoyable every day. All details are important, each smile is priceless.




All clothes are made with Whole Garment technology, which allows all garments to be seamless in order to provide extra comfort for children. There is no other brand on USA market, which offers the same technology. In order to provide maximum comfort and avoid allergic reactions, we use the highest quality fabrics in the production of our collection such as merino wool, silk and cotton. We use a special merino blend called Merino Extra Fine 19.5 micrones, which feels very soft and comfortable on the skin.







Our clients can choose from more conservative options to bright and colorful sweaters and dresses. All our products have passed testing in USA accredited laboratories to prove safety and reliability. Our sweaters, dresses, leggings and other garments are designed s

pecifically to match each other. The line is designed for children age 0 to 16 years old. All garments are machine washable. Total Easy care technology guarantees the garments won’t change after washing at delicate cycle 40C.





Seamless Silk Collection

We also offer a seamless spring/summer collection made of silk and cotton. The seamless silk and cotton collection has no analogue on the market. It is made with special seamless technology and includes dresses, sweaters and t-shirts.