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ZIP USA team is excited to introduce our new accessories collection. POORGA knitted accessories are one of the main parts of the ZIP USA collection. We offer quality, design and comfort together with competitive market prices to make your life a little more enjoyable every day. All details are important, each smile is priceless.


Our hats, scarfs and other garments are designed specifically to match each other. In order to provide maximum comfort and avoid allergic reactions, we use the highest quality fabrics in the production of our collection.


All hats, mittens and scarfs are machine washable and the natural fur pompoms are removable. We also offer hats styled with wool pompoms, or without pompoms at all. Our clients can choose from more conservative options to bright and colorful hats with rhinestones. All our products have passed testing in USA accredited laboratories to prove safety and reliability. 

Functional characteristics: 

-No rough inner seams in vertex construction achieved by separately assembling the hat’s layers (lining and knitted shell)

-Soft lining that won’t agitate child’s scalp

-Ergonomic shape offers additional benefits such as:

  • Tight fit provides additional protection from wind and cold
  • Hats will not ride up or twist during use


-All knitted hats are made from premium quality Italian 100% wool or wool blend

-All hats are fully lined

-Windproof earpiece that protects against wind but allows sound to pass through - very important feature for your child to be safe outside

-Detachable pompoms allow caps to be worn under the hood without added bulkiness